Liz? McDonald? Face? Surgery? Ecky? Bloody? Thump? Mushy peas?

She may not be a lady, but she's all hair...

So there we were, having our traditional Monday night off the shandy booze seeing as it’s double Corrie with a smattering of ‘Stenders in between, and who was there giving us the willies on our tellyboxes? Only Liz McDonald off-of ginge and Steve, and formally off-of scrotum face but now with the eyes of a piss hole in the snow… two, even.

Wha? Cha? Ka? We cried, all the while wondering to ourselves why we weren’t laughing our faces off at such an extravagant piece of work, then we realised Jonathan Harvey hadn’t written this particular episode and Blanche was nowhere to be seen, hence it was going to be one of those ‘dramatic’ ones with lots of pauses and no references to crunch biscuits or Loose Women.

Still with us?

So anyway, the crux of the matter is Liz McDonald looks like she’s been on her holidays ifyouknowwhatwemean, mmmm-hmmmmn. During which they¬†attached a bungee jump to the back of her head, shoved her off the roof of Underworld, and cut off the slack.

Now that’s not very working class, is it? Unless she answered one of those ads at the back of Chit Chat magazine.

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3 comments to “Liz? McDonald? Face? Surgery? Ecky? Bloody? Thump? Mushy peas?”

  1. Oh my, I was thinking the exact same thing. I have two words to say: Ivy Tisley.

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  2. Ivy Tilsley didn’t know when to stop. Neither did Julie Goodyear, but she can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. I once saw Lynne Perry wearing a green sequinned cutaway jumpsuit and singing ‘I Will Survive’.

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  3. I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing… and on another point. What were the scriptwriters thinking about Steve’s wedding on Friday. They had little Amy all dressed up AND Liz was staying with Ken and Deirdre – yet they were no where to be seen! Surely Liz would have insisted that they can’t invite Amy, and not the Barlows??? Beggars belief…

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