Look at Keira, bustin’ out all over

We should Coco

Now, while the Coco Mademoiselle (that’s Coco Missy to you) TV ad was one of our favourites ever, the new print campaign with Keira Knightley with her blouse all akimbo is causing a furore among the kids on the street (OK, the trouts at the Daily Cunt).

Has she been – no! stop! the horror! gather those children to your breast and run! run, do you hear?! – digitally airbrushed? Because, of course, most multi-squillion dollar advertising campaigns usually just use the photo as it is when it comes back from Snappy Snaps, right? They even got an airbrushing expert in to verify it. *Holds it up to the light, moves glasses halfway down nose, confirms ‘digital wizardry’ has been employed*

‘If the image has been airbrushed,’ said Brains Trust member and MP Lynne Featherstone (who happens to be our own personal local empee), ‘then people need to know so they don’t try and achieve what is totally unrealistic.’

Tell it to MichaelAngelo, say we.

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3 comments to “Look at Keira, bustin’ out all over”

  1. Jodie Marsh stepped out for a pint of milk working a similar look once and that seemed to cause a bit of a hoo haa too…

    PS – Lynne F is my MP too. Pretty impressive in that she hasn’t had her hand in the till like some of the others, talks a lot of sense and actually gets stuff done in the constituency. Anyroad, that’s more than enough politics for before the first sherry of the day.

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  2. You can even get touched up in Snappy Snaps these days if you ask nicely. And fingered if you ask sluttily.

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  3. We hear that… she is an utter cunt and proper Lady Muck-esque on set.

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