Ricky Martin update, Daily Mail-stylee. *rubs hands doused in fetid gay together*

Such busy babies

So first it helps if you’ve read this… a fine piece of journalism even if we say so our dolly selves. And now you’re ready…

So what a year those one-year-olds have had! Ooof, we’d hardly have believed it ourselves until we read it in the Daily Cunt. But, you know, it does makes sense. 

Ricky’s bundles of bundly things, Valentino and Matteo, do seem to have reconciled their differences, the front does look united if a little fly-away in the hair department, and in the wake of seeing Kerry Katona do anything we’d be attaching ourselves to the first pair of male (defined) tits we could lay our hands on.

Anyway, nice arrows or what?

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