Look closer. No, closer. Closer still. CLOSER! That’s better…


Cock sells. It says so in the bible.

And whilst we question *pops on Sherlock Holmes style bonnet and a nice brogue to finish the look* just how oblivious to the real life front bottom the 1st Endurance ladies are/were/are in this ad of theirs (ads go through quite a few checking stages before going to print, right? Just a hunch) and whether this is a mere ploy (ploy? Wha? Cha? Ka?) to get it noticed (it worked! Hooray!), we don’t actually give a fiddle-di-dee. For as they taught us in Sunday School, when you’re selling supplements to make you go faster, longer, harder, always go for the cock. It’s a sure thing, said Rev. And being a precocious lot we understood him perfectly.

So, right, like, yeah. The un-Karened bit is after the jaunty little break. And in close-up. Aren’t we kind. Rhetorical question.

Cock. Yey.
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2 comments to “Look closer. No, closer. Closer still. CLOSER! That’s better…”

  1. Glad to see he’s wearing a bonnet. Wouldn’t want to get his hair sun-damaged.

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  2. Is this a new event in the BI Athelon? 20 mile bike ride – 5 mile swim – 5 man SHAG?
    Lost My Bike, Lost my pants!

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