The Wolfman… the trailer. Ooooh, woof.

Hello Mr Wolf!

We’ve not been this excited since the last time we were this excited, and we’re this excited this time round because there’s a small moving picture – trailer, if you will or maybe won’t, not even for love nor money – of The Wolfman. Which is even more excitings because we didn’t even know they were making The Wolfman, which is a remake app and arently of the original, which for the sake of argument we’ll call The Wolfman. You, stop arguing!

There are lots of things we could say about it but for one we’re hungover and for three we’re still drunk, so we’ll keep it to a minimum *makes ‘small’ gesture with thumb and forefinger*.

The minimum:

– It looks, like, really really exciting. Nice make-up and special needs effects and that sort of fake-real landscape thing they do these days and nice pictures of nice English country houses and stuff.

– Emily Blunt’s in it. J’a-freakin’-dore.

– It’s like American Werewolf in London, only not really at all. Except it’s about a werewolf in England so terribly similar.

– Anthony Hopkins is in it. Je notice how he’s got vertical lines on his head? You know on that ad for Sky HD? That’s because he’s an ac-tor.

– Benicio Del Toro is the wolfman, and also the only person in the whole film without an English accent. What, you can win an Oscar but you can’t do accents? Jeeeesh.

– All the way through we were waiting for Hugh Jackman to appear only to realise that’s a whole other film.

– *points at ‘continues…’ button* 

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3 comments to “The Wolfman… the trailer. Ooooh, woof.”

  1. My oh my, that does look exciting.

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  2. Is that Castle Howard again? Is he going to rip Sebastian’s face off?

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