Bruce Weber’s Liza tribute. Surprisingly not Liza with a zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


You know our feelings on Bruce Weber, snapper to the stars/Abercrombie & Fitch (and yes, we have heard the rumours).

We’ve made no secret of our general lack of respect for work which has become repetitive, predictable and little bit over – although on the plus side there’s often a very hearty helping of boys’ bottoms (and yes, we have heard the rumours).

Anyways, a new spread in Paris Vogue – or Vogue Paris, depending on which way up you’re holding it – has given us renewed hope and has seen married (to a lady! A female one!) Bruce revisit his gay sensibility (because there’s nothing at all gay about those boys with their pants halfway down their arses on A&F bags being carried around town by straight lads who have just graduated from Next, y’hear! No ma’am, not at all and we won’t hear that sort of trash spoken in this house)

It’s a tribute to Liza – ‘simply-huh tuh-riffic’ – and the whorey glory days of Studio 54 featuring all the freaks and absolutely no Labradors or tattered American flags. Oh, and some scantily clad young gennels all having a ball (and yes, we have heard the rumours).

Check out some more shots over the jumpsy…

Hold me up, boyzzzz

They've heard the rumours

See the entire spread ripped off by some cheap website here.

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