The Sylvanians just called, they want Grandma Rabbit’s urn back

Ooh, damp

So the cricketing event that’s been going on for what feels like the beginning of time is finally over and the good news is we won. The bad news is we live near a Walkabout that yestereve was full of Australians more drunken and vile than usual. Oh well, you win some you lose some. Or lose all, if you happen to be of the Australian persuasion. But more important news than cricket and its many boring facets is that cricketman Freddie ‘the Artist Formerly Known As Andrew’ Flintoff is ‘pparently releasing his own fragrance. We’re hoping for willow woodiness with a dash of liniment, undertones of rubber and a whiff of ginger balls. Because he’s ginger, see?

So hooray for England or summing or nuffing, and of course hooray for gingers and their ginger balls – because someone’s got to love them. 

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  1. My sister had Sylvanian Families. That’s all I have to say about cricket.

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