We’ve got the bread and honey, now for a nice Barclays Bank…

A typical eve at Shoreditch HouseYou’ve got to heart east London and east Londonerers and thems what is known as cockneys who it seems can’t communicate in any language other than that known as rhyming slang (or Vera Wang if you’re us).

In between funny walks and impromptu knees-ups, cockneys have been chitter chattering in their nursery rhyme verse for donkeys (years, people, keep up) but it seems when it comes to things like reading and writing, the gentlefolk famed for their kindly nature and law abiding ways become confused and, in some cases, flustered. This can be especially daunting at cash points where all those numbers and things just become too much.

But thank the Baby Bell Cheeses one cash machine operator has come to their aid and provided a ‘Cockney’ option in the language selection, where the relieved ladies and gennels born within the earshot of Bow Bells can select ‘monkeys’ and ‘horses’ and ‘speckled hens’ and receive actual earth pounds.

*Tries to resists urge to finish with ‘Would you Adam and Eve it?’ Fails.*

Would you Adam and Eve it?

*self-flagellates while gorging a packet of HobNobs*

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  1. This weekend I learnt that ‘Gary Glitter’ means ‘shitter’. I won’t tell you how.

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