For a start, oof.

Which one's the lady?


*takes deep breath*

The dress, the dainty glove, the bridesmaid shoes, the lady in the suit with the hand, the eyebrow, the face on it, the Cadbury’s purple curtains, the thumb-meets-index-finger, the colour co-ordination (curtains-tie-detail over right boob-lipstick-cockring), the corsage, everything else we missed. Including ‘large’.

And not only is that a weekly shopping list for a busy working mum, but a check-list Strictly Come On Our Tits Dancing style-ee, courtesy of Natalie Cassidy off-of Used To Be In EastEnders And Was Thin-ish For Five Minutes. Credit where credit’s due, people.


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2 comments to “For a start, oof.”

  1. where’s her trumpet?

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  2. I KNEW there was something missing. Now that would make it positively Botticellian…

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