Look at Nora Efron! This lady’s growing on us

owcha magowcha jr.

The face needs a whole lot of work but, after the revelation that Lady Ms Efron here can actually act, we are starting to see the appeal of the rest of him. Except the head. It’s what’s known as a prawn: something where it’s all about the body and the head has to come off.

Let’s take it from the top *band starts up. Band gets told off for being too literal*

Hair: thick but it’s a no-style hairstyle and needs work. We think he might be cuter shaved.

Face: pointy, ferrety, eyebrows too gay.

Body: honey, have you been working out? Silly question.

Lower torso/abdomen/cock: Not sure about flesh-coloured underpanties but we like the pistol he’s packing there. And we like his general predilection for a track pant, the sign of a man with a biggun.

All in all *nods apraisingly while looking from bottom of head to foot* not too damn shoddy.

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Look at Nora Efron! This lady's growing on us, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. i think he’s filling out nicely. fix his ‘do’ and it should all fall into place. send him my number. usual address. thankoo.

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