Some random thoughts, with special guest David Beckham…

Nice peepy-toe knees...

So, as a starter for £3.24, did anyone see Corrie last night? Tina? J’adore? How much?

Oh and as a little find a penny, pick it up, did anyone watch Monday Monday? In spite of it being set in a place called L… L… Leeeeeee… ds… we find that we’re kinda smitten with the thing. Funny and tradge in equal measure, with pleasant office furniture and totty-in-the-right-light in the form of that bloke who’s married to thingy. Tamsin Outwaite. And that Fay Ripley… *nods head, chuckles*

Ooh, and those blokes noshing each other off under the cubicles this morning in the gymgaysium… we knew what you were doing and frankly, OCD Man didn’t know what to do with himself. Fucked up his routine, it did. Royally.

Oh and that lady up there. David Beckham. Post running around in circles in Washington (DC. Not Tyne and Wear), pre dropping his soap-on-roap again in the shower. Honestly, David, we told you about that.

And as a dramatic denouement, here’s Tamsin Outhwaite’s fella doing a retro turn on Catherine Tate. *’Let’s all, go down The Strand, HAVE A BANANA!’*

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