Big Brother in big bother

Such a sad loss

It is a sad/happy/indifferent day. Big Brother, the granddaddy of all reality shows, will be no more. So no more nude losers showing off, no more tears over nothing, no more racist squabbles, no more shouting, screaming, throwing water, no more old ladies filing the dead skin off their feet onto the carpet, no more Jade. Well, that last bit already happened but you follow our drift.

Yep, TV fans, Big Brother has finally been scrapped. Numbers were down to two million (which doesn’t sound that bad) from the giddy heights of 10 million back in 2003 (OK, quite bad then) and so Channel 4 bosses have decided to call it a day.

No doubt there will be lesser TV channels going through contracts with Endemol, the production company behind the show, as we type but as far as C4 and Davina (but probably not Heat) are concerned it’s ciao baby, not au revoir but goodbye.

Will we miss it? Well, we haven’t missed it for the last four years…

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