No, it’s not Daniel Bedingfield, but it’s just as shocking…

You'll have someone's eye out

Now we know that sex sells but Ministry of Sound have gone waaaaay out on a (third) limb with this advert for their new Ibiza nonsense album.

Where they would usually have a bunch of tarts from Scunthorpe writhing around like they were the Pussycat Dolls when they’re very much of the canine species, this year they have gone the whole hog and got a bunch of young’uns (all a little unsavoury looking, it might be noted) to jiggle around in the nude. Including cockage, and ladies’ lippage, and bending over so you can see right up.

We’ll give them this, they’ve pushed the envelope. Like right across town and off a cliff. You may see it over the jump but be warned not only is it not safe for work, it might not even be safe for your own home…

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2 comments to “No, it’s not Daniel Bedingfield, but it’s just as shocking…”

  1. Heehee, funnies.

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  2. Hurrah! What is the secret to super floppy bits? My penis is ample enough but doesn’t usually hang & flop like that. As a matter of fact, my body is very protectionist with Big Jim *&* the Twins. Should the need ever arise, what is the stripper secret? One person told me that it’s ICY HOT and assured me that he wasn’t kidding. Anyone? ANYONE?

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