Sorry, but anywhere Myleene Klass goes to party is officially over.

Burke and Hair

Now, we’re not snobs (well, we are, but that’s a whole other story) but we do not want to be seen partying with certain celebrities, which is why having them invading our spaces is totally unacceptable.

First Lady Gaga at The Joiners Arms in Hackney Road, which used to be a lovely/disgusting little gay hovel filled with all the right boys until some fashion magazines mentioned it and now you have to queue to get in alongside a bunch of twattish Grazia readers giving attitude. Like anyone in The Joiners gives a flying monkey shit about a 17-year-old Peaches Geldof wannabe dancing on the pool table just in case someone didn’t notice her. Right? Or not right?

Now we have Myleene Klass turning up at Shoreditch House to Alexandra Burke’s party at Shoreditch House with JLS in tow! Now, we get that SH is of that ilk – a little bit city, a little bit Romford –┬ábut whereas last Friday we saw the very bummable Jason Stratham slipping in, and have previously spotted the likings of Damien Lewis, last night saw… well, let’s just call them TV trash kicking it up, albeit in one of the lesser rooms.

Does it mean that as when Cilla started frequenting the Shadow Lounge, the party has moved on from Ditch House? We’d love to be wrong.

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  1. But can I still go on Sunday? That’s gay day.

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