When I think about you I just touch myself…

Now the other one!

Go on, grab it. Bite it. Eat it. Spank it. Etc.

And don’t you just know those floral details on Jake Gyllenhaal’s lady shorts are embroidered on. It’s because he’s an ac-tor.

Ooh, and observation: Doesn’t Jake have one of those, like, older worked-out bodies. It’s easier to see what we’re going on about after the jump. Which means, like, totally go there. Right? It’s kinda ripped to fuck but with a bit of a middle-aged bloat. Brings to mind a Simon Cowell. Not that Simon Cowell’s ripped to fuck, but you catch our driftwood picked up on a beach in Martha’s Vineyard… Too picky? It’s not called Wednesday for nothing…

And a bat? Why Jake, you're spoiling us...
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3 comments to “When I think about you I just touch myself…”

  1. Bloat indeed – I thought it was Kurt Russell

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  2. He looks like my dad there.

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  3. in which case I fancy your dad.

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