That’s a bit rude.

We'll be the judge of that.

*slaps wrist something*

Hello. So, DNA – not to be confused with DKNY, DLA (terribly sage Ab Fab reference. Which kind of loses its edge now we’ve had to explain ourselves), MDMA or YMCA – have released their Sexiest Men Alive issue. Oh hurrahs!

And taking the list from the top and working downwards (we’re gentlemen. Going for the jugular from the off is so The Hoist), goes something like this:

Never heard of him, ditto, yes, yes, yes, never heard, nooooooo, if we’re pissed, never heard, ditto, and 60 more!

And as for that Ab Fab reference… trot on…



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3 comments to “That’s a bit rude.”

  1. Can I just show you something darling? Can I?
    Its a sticker with a tree on it
    Yes, exactly
    What does that mean?
    Kind to trees darling
    How are they kind to trees?

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  2. Hahahahahaha. Ja DORE.

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  3. Well, that just looks stupid.

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