Wild Things? We’ll be the judge of that.

Wild? Where?

There’s wild and then there’s domestic moggy (our own personal one was doing back flips for most of the night and still had time for a brandy before bed) and then there’s Mario Testino. And this is indeed going somewhere.

And that where of which there is some, is the new ish of V magazine, out 1st September. Or September 1 if you reside to the left of London’s glittering Atlantic Ocean.

For withinside said issue of V magazine, you’ll find a shoot – ‘editorial’, if we’re being twatty – called Wild Things, as shot by Mario Testino. If you’re clever you might already have surmised that.

What excites us – not that we’re easy to please in any way, shape or form. Though half a pound of jelly babies, a dip-dab and a bottle of poppers go a long way in our paperback novel – is that it features blokes in the nuddy. Only not quite. Stupid sarongs getting in the way again. That’s not particularly wild, is it? It’s rather dolly, actually.

Anyways, ho and a hum and an after the break witcha for more pics of almost completely stark bollock naked mens…

Just an average soirée. You on the right. You'll do.

V Magazine on the interdolly.

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3 comments to “Wild Things? We’ll be the judge of that.”

  1. Sometimes it’s nicer not being able to see the cock. I said ‘sometimes’.

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  2. That fella at the top’s got a Jesus off-of Madonna thing going on. Je so don’t approve of that.

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  3. OMBJ not the curly hair guy again I get a monthly Under Gear Mag and this guy sure doesnt know how to model or nothing like Mrs Tyra Banks says he has just one look I rather bum the other two they look yummo!

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