Oh yey! Someone we’ve never heard of with his top off! Again, yey!


He’s called Trevor Donovan. We have it on good authority he’s neither related to Jason Donovan, Scottish hip-maker Donovan, nor Trevor off-of Only Fools and Horses. He does, however, have a low BMI.

Which brings to mind, well, us really. Especially after sitting and looking at ourselves in the gym for at least ten minutes this morning. The weight just seems to fall off. We may even write a piece about it in Mens Health, alongside our handy hints on how to bring your girlfriend to orgasm.

*little bit of sick rises in mouth*

We also have it on good authority (okay, bad authority. So much more fun) that Trevor Donovan is in that new 90210 on the tellybox. Ain’t seen it, ain’t going to, ain’t no doubt it’s plain to see, woman like you s’no good for me, etc.

More partial nudity after the jump. *jumps*

Dirrrrrrty blond. Er, eyes to the front...! Stop showing off.

Via here. Thankings.

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  1. its good to be lean but lean and veiny YUCK! not a good look its like Madonna …all over again

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