And now for one of our sporadic yet favourite segments: ‘Someone we’ve never heard of with their top off! Yey!’

Nice to see you too...

And you know what’s really weird… ours goes all the way down to there too. It must be a sign.

And he does have a name. Travis. Now that’s not very sex, is it? His surname is Rettenmeir. Which sounds like a make of dog and also like a girl we went to university with. Who was stupidly rich and a cunt. And also a dog. Or, as we liked to put it, ‘Daddy’s millions can’t by you a nice face, can they?’

And fun fact – this guy, Travis Whatshischops… he’s a tennis player and apparently has the ‘sickest hands ever at the net.’

Wha? Cha? Kha? Are they poorly? Do they need Savlon and a neck rub?

Ooh, more nudity…

Ooh, a flying ball...!

Ready for action, etc.

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  1. Pilar Palabundar says:

    OK, he’s on my list.

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  2. Champagne for Lulu says:

    He’s just the man I’m after today. Tomorrow? Who can say.

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  3. Sylvia-Louise says:

    Like to shag some balls with him. I think maybe all male tennis should be topless. And nicely oiled.

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  4. EWW..

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