Apparently, love happens when you least expect it. Much like gonorrhea.

Midnight dip.

So, we’re not feeling love today. We’re not even loving love, though we’ll give it a cheeky fondle if it plays nicely.

Over in Moving Picture Land they are, however, feeling love. But not before a whole load of loss and heartache and bouncy hair and clichés right from the book. For *insert drumroll, s’il te plait (we’re friends, you know)*, Jennifer Aniston’s in yet another rom-com, Love Happens, that goes something like this:

Ooh, sad. Ooh, trepidation. Ooh, happy.

We can see the Grazia poster-line now: ‘Sumptuous. Four Weddings meets Maurice. A must-see!’

It also stars Aaron Eckhart (see above) who we’d bum to Bed, Bath and Beyond even though we hear on good authority he’s a twat. But then we’re open to redemption. We’re also just open.

And sidebar about, ooh, seven – we j’adore Jennifer Aniston. We also have the perfect movie vehicle for her. More of that later.

So, the blurb that comes with the trailer (which is over the jump. See, gifts!) goes like this, including our assides in brackets:

‘When a self-help author arrives in Seattle (*waves at Frasier*) to teach a sold-out seminar (hooked already!), he unexpectedly meets the one person who might finally be able to help himself (no shit. When there are cameras around and everything!) As each struggles with the hurt of love and loss (natch), they realize that in order to move forward they need to let go of the past (our therapist once said that. We slapped him). If they can, they will find that, sometimes, love happens when you least expect it (ta-daaaaa!).’

What a heart-warming story, ladies and other people. Now for the trailer. *claps*


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2 comments to “Apparently, love happens when you least expect it. Much like gonorrhea.”

  1. ‘Four Wedding meets Maurice’. It’s my new favourite moving picture.

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  2. Awwwww … old people can be so sweet

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