At least, unlike her mother, she was a virgin when this Like A Virgin pic was taken. Well, we’re assuming…


It was a funny moment. Bette Midler hosting the MTV Awards (funny in itself!), looking down the full length of her nose (and that’s quite some length) at Madonna rolling around the floor in a wedding dress to ‘Like a Virgin’. ‘Well, now that we’ve cleared up the burning issue of Madonna’s virginity…’ quippeth Bette to the general amusement of the gathered throng.

Now, with a tease campaign worthy of [add prick tease of your own acquaintance here], this picture of young Lourdes Leon dressed in the self-same virgin outfit emerges tagged as coming from the second ‘Celebration’ video.

How long is this all going to go on…?

PS Our ‘Celebration’ video from yesterday has been reinstated in case you’re interested.



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3 comments to “At least, unlike her mother, she was a virgin when this Like A Virgin pic was taken. Well, we’re assuming…”

  1. I wonder what will become of Lourdes… I often sit thinking about that.

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  2. I am surprised that she is allowed to be in a video. She was supposedly offered a role in Harry Potter and Mumsy turned it down. But music videos…..Thankfully she is not allowed to watch tv so she will not have to watch herself. She does a back flip in the other celebration video after the dj takes his shirt off.

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  3. hey S-L… I never knew that about Lourdes and HP role. How interesting… I guess a film shoot would have taken a lot longer than a 3-second cameo in a music video.. Makes sense that mumsy said no.
    Plus, it’s not promoting mom’s music :-)
    I feel Madonna’s approach to Lourdes and showbiz is a bit like the Europeans attitude to their kids drinking – being introduced at a relatively young age, thus it not being a taboo and big deal. In my travels abroad, I hradly ever some across drunken teenagers on the streets of Hamburg / Paris / Brussels / Milan. Oh, jet setting me ..

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