So no-one told you life was going to be this way *clap clap clap clap*… Central Perk comes to London *draws smiley in cappuccino froth*

Six capp to the ccinos please

It’s been 15 whole earth years since Friends launched its glossy hair and sparkly teeth on our screens and that means it’s been 15 whole earth years since E4 screened anything that was not Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, Monica, and Chandler related. Not that E4 is 15 yet, but we’re making a point… and it distracts us from feeling older than we already felt when we caught site of ourselves this morning. *steps away from the pastry product*

To celebrate that 15th anniversary, Friends’ very own Central Perk coffee shop will be opening in London’s glittering Soho, featuring real-live props and products off-of might-have-been-fondled-by-a-member-of-the-cast-or-crew-probably-a-lowly-Runner-or-overweight-Grip. Opening on 24th September it will only be there for two weeks, and no wonder – businesses can’t survive on six self-absorbed creatures nursing a single skinny capp for hours on end. Haven’t you heard? There’s a recession on!

Central Perk will be open from 24th September – 7th October, 67 Broadwick Street, Soho. Ooh, and if you fancy meating ‘n’ greeting Gunther (real name unknown), head to the launch party on 23rd Sept. We’re hoping the whole affair will be something like this (skip 30 seconds in, it’s better that way), which made us laugh 13 whole years ago *sigh… submits to the pastry product*

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