TopMan puts on a dress size. Several.

Nice bonnet.

TopMan – ironically the place where most bottoms go to buy their fashions – is doubling the size of its Oxford Circus store. Fancy. That.

So, twice the flammable fabrics, twice the provincial gays on a day trip to Big London, twice the hair, twice the imitation Wayfarers, twice the twice, twice the thrice, thrice the twice and a whole load of bollocks.

We personally like to mix ‘n’ match. That Antony Price range they did was quite cheeenius, and we did find ourselves being photographed at – let’s call it a ‘fashion event’ because, well, it was – wherein photographer asked, Joan Rivers style-ee, ‘Who are you wearing?’ and we said, ‘Burberry, Unconditional, something a shag left, a bonnet from Brick Lane, and TopMan.’ Then we felt like a wanker, curtseyed, and exeunted left. Okay it was right. No it was left.

Do you want a quote? They’re all the rage…

‘There`s never been a more exciting time in mens fashion. With an ever increasing design pool of young talent emerging in the UK , showcased at MAN during LFW coupled with an increasingly confident consumer, now more than ever seems to be the right time for Topman to be providing a further platform for contemporary fashion with our new purpose designed store. Catering for the fashion savvy male whatever their style or tribe our new store will provide everything that reflects their lifestyle from image to fashion to music.’ Gordon Richardson, TopMan Design Director.



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3 comments to “TopMan puts on a dress size. Several.”

  1. You say Topman Etc., I say Burton for gays.

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  2. That place makes me anxious as it is… I’ll be passing out in the accessories aisle…

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  3. Top man. looks like a Bottom man to me!

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