Don’t do it!

Ooh, yum pleaseDon’t worry, this isn’t a sad man about to jump to his you-know-what from the top of London’s glittering Selfridges store. It is, and we quoteth ‘legendary French chef’ Pierre Koffmann who next month, gets down to business in the kitchen of Selfridges’ pop-up rooftop restaurant.

Tearing himself away from the Watercolour Challenge’s and 60 Minute Makeover’s of retirement, Koffmann will be behind the stove for the first time (publically anyway) in two years. *claps joyously*

Selfridges’ lar-dee-dar pop-up rooftop restaurant will be open as part of the London Restaurant Festival which runs from 8th – 13th October. Due to the popular demand of glittering Londoners everywhere that run has already been extended by a week.

To book a table and the eternal love of whoever you take there, email

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