Is it us or does Rihanna deserve a punch?

Twat.We do not in any way shape of form condone domestic violence, but there’s a but at the end of this sentence – and not one of the ‘double t’ kind unfortunately. But… we’re thinking Chris Brown might have had a point with this one.

There is something so utterly hateful about Rihanna she makes us want to abandon our usually placid ways and unleash SnakesNaomi-on-a-plane-like fury on this smug and highly viley being. Perhaps when Rihanna and Browny had their little barny she was wearing something along the lines of the above, which by its very nature is worthy of some form of abuse – physical or otherwise. Personally we heard that the pen was mightier than the sword so we thought we’d just write about our loathing of the attention-seeking brat, although ripping those shades off and sticking a Parker in her eye would also be thoroughly rewarding.

*gets self into tizzy, puts The Carpenters on, removes Rihanna from computer screen and all thoughts, relaxes*

Pictorial thankings.

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2 comments to “Is it us or does Rihanna deserve a punch?”

  1. Wonder what that says on her top? Actually, who says ‘top’ these days?!

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  2. Is it wrong that once I found out that Chris Brown was the kind of guy to give you a back hander, I immediately jumped on board the Brown Express next stop Black Eye’s-ville?? Rihanna & Chris Brown are our generations Ike & Tina, and I hope he continues to give the muggy little cunt the occasional sly dig, just to keep her in check.

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