Oh hello there Mr. Werewolf *eagerly awaits the next full moon*

GrrrrrrrrWe weren’t that into Twilight, even though we are quite fond of the whole explosion in the vampire genre – blood sucking is so hot right now. But while we can safely assume that we won’t be into the franchise’s next instalment, New Moon, we can safely assume we will be into the panties of stars Robert Pattinson, and the even hotter Taylor Lautner. Yes, he of the above white-wee inducing still taken from the trailer.

Hop and skip the jump for a topless Pattinson (who looks like he could do with some iron tablets) and the new trailer in full. If you piece all the footage found on YouTube together you’ll be able to see the film a whole two months before it’s released. Clever, no? Enjoyeth…
Get yourself to Holland & Barrett at once, boy!

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  1. Fuck me, I’d tap that!

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  2. Sppiiiiitttt roooooaaaast.

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