‘All the single men, all the single men’ *shakes booty*

*Mwah Mwah Mwah*Hooray for Tom Ford off-of smellies, for his directorial debut A Single Man has won the Queer Golden Lion, an award made especially (and somewhat patronisingly) for the gays at the 66th Venice Film Festival. Not only that but Colin Firth – who stars as a real-live gay in it – has won Best Actor too. *claps and ‘huzzahs’*

Also starring Julianne Moore who we freakin’ j’adore, Nicholas Hoult of Skins/bad hair in About a Boy fame and Matthew Goode off-of hotness we are really rather excited about it. Watch the trailer, which is quite Hitchcockian, tells you nothing about the story, but looks quite pretty and don’t forget, it involves gays. Hooray!

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  1. Now just what do you wear when you go to see that?

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