Don’t cry you silly sausage, you won!

Boo and/or hooThis man is called Juan Martín del Potro and apparently he beat Roger Federer (who we have decided has the face of a witch and Quentin Tarantino rolled into one) in the US Open finals last night. This picture isn’t from that match but it features stomach, so let’s not split hairs, unless they’re between ones legs. Eh? Anyway, as with Mr Federer, we wouldn’t say no to the body, so lets us look, point and possibly have a fiddle with our widdle at it, over the jump.
Mmm, moist Not sold on the beads
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2 comments to “Don’t cry you silly sausage, you won!”

  1. Don’t cry for me Argentina! The last picture is very strange I was turned on by the other two, the last one not so much. Take off the
    Mardi Gras beads and the crucifix and let’s get down to business. To quote Serena Williams I’d like to shove my F#% balls down his throat.

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  2. I’m loving the top one – mainly because you can’t see the face.

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