Nobody puts Swayze in the coroner… until now

RIP PatrickThat didn’t really work did it? It’s difficult to report death in our usual MwahMwahMwah ways, so please forgive our lamer than the animals on Godstone Farm headline, which quite possibly should have just read ‘Patrick Swayze has died’. *draws sad face*

But while Hollywood mourns the Swayze, famous for Dirty Dancing, Ghost (bet Whoopi’s a bit jumpy this morning) and, erm, Father Hood, culinary masters and piss-heads across the UK are lamenting the loss of TV chef Keith Floyd. Isn’t it weird that celebs are dropping in twos this year? First Natasha Richardson and Jade Goody, then Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson and now Patrick Swayze and Keith Floyd. *does spooky music*

Anyway, for the moment, let us remember one of the reasons Patrick Swayze was our favouritest dancer-cum-actor-cum-singer-cum-mullet-supporter of the 80s and 90s, while sway(z)ing along to She’s Like the Wind. RIP Patrick. We’ll get tanked up later to remember Keith.
Hot 'Neigh-neigh' ... and stretch Nice dungarees

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  1. Bless him. Nice guy, great body. The hair went with its decade.

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