Where’s your other hand, Judith?

Yummy daddiesAww, this is what we like to see of a rainy Tuesday afternoon, two grown men with child, sauntering happily along the streets of Noo Yoik, but when will Judith learn that no amount of hat can detract from the hair loss? In fact, in this case is only serves to highlight it.

Regardless of all that, hands up who’s thinking spit roast right now? Yum. More of The Johnny and Judith Show after the jumperoo.
Down a bit, down a bit, down a bit, ahhhh


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2 comments to “Where’s your other hand, Judith?”

  1. I’d like to be in a JJ sarnie

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  2. He can’t keep his hands off the nanny or manny or anything pushing a pram I guess.

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