Take those ridiculous clothes off immediately!


This is ABSOLUT Vodka’s latest gimmick, ABSOLUTE Vodka Rock Edition. Or, as we like to call it, ABSOLUT Voka, The Hoist Edition.

Now we don’t need fancy frocks in order to entice us to partake of a vodka binge or seven, though we did buy that disco ball one they did, because we’re gullibly homosexual like that and it was shiny.

So, this one. It’s 14.99 of Her Maj’s golden coins, and it’s only available at Selfridges. Until the beginning of October, that is, when it will be available elsewhere. Which is very nice but we don’t really do elsewhere. Unless of course it’s there. There is awesome *said in twatty Fratboy manner*

And c) and d) and if you’re really lucky, e).

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  1. I love vodka.

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  2. how long before there’s a clip on the interweb of someone pushing this up their bottom?

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  3. Stop it, you’re making me thirsty….

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