Divas? Live? We’ll be the judge of that

Oops, we can see your true colours!

You know of our limitless love for Hackney songbird Leona Lewis. And it’s no secret that we are down – way on down – with Adele, but we must say this year’s VH1 Divas Live affair was an affair not to remember. Not that we’ve seen it, but we have looked at the red carpet pics on The Daily Cunt website and have decided.

First up, that teen slut Miley Cyrus, all holier than thou (with the emphasis on the hole) in a D-Squared dress cut up so high you could count her pubes (79). What would the baby Jesus have to say about that, hmmm? And Jordin Sparks? Who? What? When? Where? And most importantly, Why?

Paula Abdul compering (they were going for wit and repartee over looks, obviously) and performing a medley of her song. What was it again? Chunky old Kelly Clarkson, who we actually quite like when she’s not singing. Cyndi Lauper in a supporting role we’ll tolerate. Sausage-in-a-dress Jennifer Hudson (please let’s not forget her homophobic comments of yesteryore!) and that’s your lot.

Thank you and goodnight and we hope you enjoyed the show.

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  1. Show was shite, your review was genius.

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