Victoria off-of Posh

Everyone’s at it. Talking about the Burberry show ‘n’ party yesterday, that is. Even GMTV. Even OCD Gay down the gymaysium. Even the baby Jesus.

Everyone was there. Okay, everyone wasn’t. But we were. Showing off? Probably.

Some things to make a note of include… *licks end of pencil*:

The show:

– Cheeenius. We’ve earmarked a certain coat. Please take note. Oh that rhymes.

– Front row included Gwyneth, one of them Olsen primordial dwarves, Liv Tyler, Emma Watson, Agyness Deyn and hair, Posh, Alexa ‘ubiquitous’ Chung, Anna Wintour and, er, David Walliams. And even er-ier, Donna Air off-of north of England. And, even er-ier-ier than that, Janet Street Porter.

– The music made our ears bleed.

The party:

– Names? That lot up there.

– Food: Mini-Welsh Rarebit, mini-Yorkshire Puds, mini-something else and mini-that as well. Yum.

– Drink? Booze, and lots of it.

– Victoria Beckham off-of Posh actually looked hot. Like, really hot. Like, much better in the flesh. And smelt nice.

– The music made our ears bleed. The Kooks played live. We refer you to the first bit of this sentence.

– Twiggy was hob-nobbing with Erin O’Connor off-of tall and David Walliams off-of sex pest in a particularly inappropriate place and was thus holding up the traffic. That’s not very sophisticated…

– That twatty tory Otis twat off-of Brian Ferry was there, looking like a twat.

– Fun. And booze. And more fun. Natch.

– And c) and d)

Now let’s watch the show… *pops on monocle*

More pics here, btw. Thankings.

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5 comments to “Burberry-ness.”

  1. I saw GMTV’s coverage of this on the tellybox this morning. Gwyneth’s hair looked very shiny.

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  2. Oooh, pretty.

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  3. I like Posh’s shoes.

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  4. ditto them heels.

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  5. That’s actually a very nice frock Posh has got on, that is.

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