THAT’S not very sophisticated…

Ooh, nasty.

Bees… busy, aren’t they? This time they’re rolling with their homies in Bradley Cooper’s gastrointestinal tract. And why the heck wouldn’t they be…? He has the hottest gastrointestinal tract of the moment. Grazia have even included it in their always anticipated ‘Ten Hot Things To Do This Week’, alongside something Desperate Housewives related and something cunty related.

In this particular case, Bradley Cooper’s gob’s been taken over by the bees in quite the sinister manner. He’s Renée Zellweger’s boyfriend in this new movie she’s in called Case 39, in which she plays a social worker (how very Baby P) and takes on the case of a girl whose parents try to kill her because she’s a bit slow on the uptake and sees dead people or something. Bit of pity ensues, Renée takes her in, said girl actually is a bit of a one and bad things happen around her – including bees – and subsequently Renée has a change of heart. But wouldn’t you know it, the cameras are rolling and it’s all a bit too late and she’s stuck with the Carrie wannabe. Bugger.

And if you want to see a trailer for Case 39 – out in Her Maj’s UK of Britain on 1st January 2010 – click here. Word to the wise, however. There are trailers and there are are short movies which actually tell the entire story and negate the need to actually go and see the film. This is the latter.


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3 comments to “THAT’S not very sophisticated…”

  1. Bees are generally nice. It’s wasps who are nasty.

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  2. Seen Case 39. It is not a good film. In any way.

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  3. Renee Zellweger is box office poison for me.

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