There’s going to be a Friends film!

They'll be there for you

That’s about it really.

We could add that all six actors are onboard (as well they might be, the state of some of their careers), as is Gunther (as well he might be etc), and that the original creators of the high-concept show (‘six people live either together or next door’), one David Crane and Martha Kauffman are also rolling with it.

Jen, Courteney, Lisa, Matt, David and Matthew have all been offered a small – actually not so small – fortune to appear in the movie, which they hope will do a Sex and the City and clean up to the tune of half a billion, though we would be more than happy to see a version which was only about the girls, just so we didn’t have to put up with the arse that is Ross.

The one we’re waiting for is Will & Grace: The Movie, though we will be very happy with Karen – The Musical, which is in production as we speak. Like, for realz!


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  1. Naturally, I’d prefer it if it was just the girls…

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