Pop stars are animals!

Mamma Meow

Whatever would people with 12 fun pictures in their possession do if it weren’t for calendars? Hmmm? Though we have always thought that after you’ve laughed, do you really want to look at the same ‘funny’ image for 30 – sometimes 31! – more days? Doubtful.

Anyways, this is a calendar by someone or other who has taken pictures of people’s pets – cats, dogs, guinea pigs – then taken them home, popped them on his computer and dressed them up like iconic music stars. Here you have Swedish supergroup Abba, while over the jumpsichord you have Dolly Parton and Amy Winehouse…

And that’s about the size of it.

Well, she sounds like a cat these days Dolly old pussy
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  1. Those two guinea pigs are actually more handsome than the blokes in Abba

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