Queen Victoria to Boris Johnson, ‘Honey, can we talk?’

'Here's my card, sweet cheeks'There we were cooking up a storm in the kitchen – no, literally, we had to call the mens in uniformdating.com and everything – when we were distracted by the fumbling-bumbling of posh foolery on EastEnders. That’s right, we noticed it because any spoken words in The Vic tend to start with ‘gerouda’ and end with ‘my pub’ and not ‘eeerrrrhhhrrraaaar’ unless Jim’s in the pub and let’s face it, he has had a stroke and even he is more legible than Boris.

And what was Boris doing in ‘Stenders you ask, well it’s quite clearly because the BBC is a Tory establishment and backs this sort of numpty. Plus Andrew Sachs was too busy on Corrie, so Aunty was left with the scraps.

But how was he after all the publicity and lardeedar? Stiffer than the drink we had to pour ourselves after watching it.

The end.

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2 comments to “Queen Victoria to Boris Johnson, ‘Honey, can we talk?’”

  1. Why on earth was he in it? Pointless. I was looking forward to those rugby players you mentioned but got this blonde twat instead. *sad face*

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  2. Boris can fuck off. Dirty thieving cunt.

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