Bette Lynch to make her West End debut. West End runs for its life

Eh oop, chuck

There’s nothing like the third cast of a major West End play to bring out the, erm, interesting casting ideas. And when you’ve got such a big cast to fill, you can expect those ideas to get extremely, erm, interesting.

So, the first cast of Calendar Girls – the play based on the film based on the book based on the calendar based on the iced buns – featured proper actresses such as Sian Phillips and Patricia Hodge. The second featured the likes and likings of Jerry Hall, June Brown and Anita Dobson. The third, announced today, rounds up the sweepings by featuring Julie Goodyear of Coronation Street fame (frankly, the coat is a better actor), ex-newsreader Jan Leeming and Debbi Chazen off-of Tittytittybangbang.

On the up-side there’s Kelly Brook (who we will not hear ONE WORD against – except that she probably goes out with gays) and Helen Lederer off-of Ab Fab. This dazzling new cast starts on 3rd November for 10 weeks only (except in the case of Bette Lynch, in which case it’s probably one week only: well, she couldn’t hack the return to Corrie, could she?)

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  1. Damn, that’s harsh! Just the image, I mean. :-o Which reminds me … I recently had to explain to an American friend that Barbara Windsor wasn’t in character (on whatever chat show we were watching); that is how she & her hair looks for real! I still giggle thinking about that … (-:

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  2. Phaooor!

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