Wham!, bam, up yer bum.

Apparently George Michael and Kenny Goss off-of George Michael split up at Christmas. After 13 years together. Which in gay years is 13.

Why no gaymo? (That’s like, ‘memo’, in gay.)

Oh, but, pause, rearrange, pop, swallow, news flash! GMKG didn’t become GM/KG at all… it was all a dirty rumour. Again, why no gaymo?

But which one to believe? We’re going for six of one, half a dozen of the other, and coming out with a lucky 32.

If you are opting for the former, Kenny Goss is/was/is/Tiswas pissed of with Georgina’s drug taking/cock-taking down Hampstead Heath etc and decided to go all toodle-pips on his ass. Which is ironically why all this trouble started in the first place.

Oh it’s all very ooh, ah, just a little bit. Speaking of which, what’s with Ken’s mouth?

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4 comments to “On/Off/On/Off/On/Off/Bumming”

  1. They have/had an open relationship anyway, so why bother?

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  2. Paging Geri Halliwell – George is SINGLE again!

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  3. Kenny was obviously just finished with sucking lemons/lemony cock

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