This penis looks like a duck…

Fuck a duckYou can imagine our surprise and excitement when we saw the This Penis Looks Like a Duck website advertised and clicked on the link in 2-Girls-1-Cup-esque curiosity. You can also imagine our surprise and disappointment when we realised the website was in fact This Peanut Looks Like a Duck (photos of items – usually foodstuffs – that look like ducks. Clever no? Oh) and upsettingly there wasn’t even a whiff of cock within tickling distance of the site.

Perhaps we should get our heineys down to Specsavers considering this isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened. Remember the Kelly Osbourne has four STDs a year episode? Dark days indeed.

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  1. I like penises and I like nuts. I do not, however, like ducks.

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