Oh huzzah! It’s the new Sugababes video!

Siobhán, Mutya, Keisha, who?

Sugababes have taken time out from their ‘who’s in, who’s out, who’s shakin’ it all about’ business, and recorded a tasty little tune called ‘About a Girl’. Tis fun, poppy, danceable stuff and we really rather enjoyed… although we’re off our tits on Tic Tacs, so it could just be that.

The video – which is over the jump we’ll have you know – is one of your colour-me-in, join-the-dots, sexy-girls-in-a-desert numbers, but who gives a rat’s back bottom hole? Bestest Euroviszh girl since sliced bread (erm?) Jade does some inneresting leg movements and there’s a cute little botty slap dance move which we’re sure she nicked off us when we met her.

Watch About a Girl past the break. Fast.

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