Yay! Glittering stars in a glittering production in our very own glittering London

Get your tickets now, bitches

Keira Knightly will be lolloping her public school girl jaw to the West End stage in December to star in Molière’s The Misanthrope. Cue excitement and clapping and more excitement. She will be joined by Damian Lewis off-of fit ginge, Tara Fitzgerald and Dominic Rowan. Yip and/or ee!

Translated by Martin Crimp and directed by Thea Sharrock of directing Daniel Radcliffe and his willy in Equus fame, The Misanthrope will be at The Comedy Theatre from 7th December 2009 to 13th March 2010. You can get your tickets now, so to be within touching distance of the luvvies and lovelies, click your mices plural here.

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