Look at Barbra Streisland selling off all her most glamorous footwear for charity!

Oh the chaussurerie!

While some superstars may feel judged by a garage sale of their old goods and only put forward the sexiest, strappiest, big-name footwear, for instance, Barbra Streisland (don’t forget that ‘l’) has decided that her ‘everything must go’ home sale should include even the lowliest shower slipper.

Forget diamond-encrusted Jimmy Choos, limited edition Manolos and Louboutins to die for, here we have a fine selection of Ms. S’s slopping-around-the-house mules. They’re comfy, cosy and frankly wouldn’t look out of place along Brick Lane market of a Sunday morning (although, to give her credit, at least these come in pairs, not in ones like a lot you fall over down the market).

Also included in the sale – proceeds to The Streisland Foundation – is a nice draylon three-piece suite, a teddy in a pram, and a bunch of old shit from her Malibu mansion, which has just been redone. Yeah, you’d think Malibu would be all clean lines and white muslin wafting in a sea breeze instead of schmutter that looks like it came from the flat of Nan off-of Catherine Tate. You can almost smell the dog food being cooked.

See a fuller range of… let’s just call them items up for grabs here.

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3 comments to “Look at Barbra Streisland selling off all her most glamorous footwear for charity!”

  1. Oh Babs… you’ve surpassed yourself!

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  2. I’m surprised she’s not selling off her leftover Epsom Salts.

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  3. Anyone for a pair of nan’s slippers? No, thought not.

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