Linda ‘What do you have against us white women?!’ Evangelista is Hot Homeless!

Such pretty writing.

You know Hot Homeless, right? That hot homeless who parades the cobbles of London’s glittering Soho with his come-to-bed eyes, Elizabethan teeth and dirty street talk. The one who, in spite of never having any money, always manages to have hair like he’s just stepped out of a salon. Maybe Mr Toppers gives him a vagrant discount.

You know Linda Evangelista, right? Supermodel with ever-changing hair, Lisa Stansfield’s nose, a place always in our hearts and the cover of this month’s W magazine.

You know W magazine, right? A magazine, with a big W on on the front.

You know our ‘What do you have against us white women?’ reference, right? Unzipped, Isaac Mizrahi, Dame Naomi Campbell always get the high heels, Linda’s miffed, comes out with a jocular one-liner, we laugh, we cry, we wonder why they stopped making supermodels sexy…

And Linda’s right – it really is somebody’s fault. The Pope’s. And who says models are stupid…

ps. If you’re a bit *looks left; looks right; looks left again* re. the Unzipped reference, firstly take a long hard look at yourself – or Guys With iPhones – then trot over the jump for a video snip-ette of Unzipped. Which unfortunately starts just after Linda’s white women comment but like Momma always said, you can’t have everything. You can, however, have someone take a look at that nasty rash. 

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3 comments to “Linda ‘What do you have against us white women?!’ Evangelista is Hot Homeless!”

  1. I. Fucking. Love. Unzipped.
    I love ‘the girls’ singing along to Boy George and Sandy B on the front row. And Linda throwing tantrums.
    Oh, happy days…

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  2. I’m a big fan of Hot Homeless. I saw him at Exmouth Market last week and we had a little chat. I asked him why he wasn’t working Soho and he said it’s shit during the day, so he roams elsewhere. Including, it seems, Exmouth Market.

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  3. Or ‘nasty gash’ if you’re Blanche.

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