Madonna’s alive. Yay!

Aww, dunt she look noice

They say divorce is third on the list of most stressful things man and lady-kind can go through, after moving house and spilling poppers in one’s eyes, which is stressful on so many levels – mainly the pain, the possibility of blindness and the knowledge that there ain’t nothing left and none to be sourced for miles around.

But poor Madonna off-of Now Officially Human found her divorce from Guy Richie Rich last year so stressful she contemplated jumping off a building. Oh boo, well at least she chose the most dramatic of suicide options, albeit dramatic and messy.

She told Rolling Stone ‘It was a challenging year. I may have thrown myself off a building. I think work saved me and I’m very grateful that I had work to do.’ And so are we because when we were within cunt-spitting distance from OGL herself at our very own personal concert she was ruddy great and ‘Celebration’ is officially our favourite song of the homo. So there.

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3 comments to “Madonna’s alive. Yay!”

  1. Oh please, if Madonna jumped off a building she would only unleash wings like that demon in Jeepers Creepers and fly away home.

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  2. in the unlikely event that i’m ever on top of a tall building with Madonna i shall push her off just to see if this is true Sothern Twat. *does not cross fingers*

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  3. if madonna sprouted wings like the demon in jeepers creepers the only thing that would happen would be 85% of the gays in Soho would be wearing fake demon wings the next evening.

    Long Live OGL.

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