JCOL – Jesus Christ Our Lord – in all his gory detail

Bloody statues

If you like a bit of blood and guts and have done The London Dungeon to death, you’ll be pleased to hear about a new exhibition opening on Wednesday at London’s glittering National Gallery. Disgusting it is. Dead disgusting.

Called The Sacred Made Real, it’s an amazing collection of Spanish paintings and statues from the 16th century where depictions of Christ et al are done with frightening, horrific even, realism intended to help those at prayer imagine who they were praying to (this lot had obviously not understood the bit in the 10 Big Ones about making and worshipping idols).

Real human hair is used, glass eyes and lashings of very realistic blood – creepy and yet somehow sexy on the lifesize reclining Jesus, naked (with his bits covered) and with all his crucifiction-related injuries depicted in almost Saw-like graphicness – in an exhibition that’s getting five-star reviews all over the place. Especially the press.

See it at the National Gallery, in Her Majesty’s Trafalgar Square from Wednesday 21st October.

*Bobs curtsey in front of crucifix*

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  1. How lifelike.

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