Does this woman look like someone looking at themselves in the back of a spoon? Yes or no?

*bobs curtsey*

Not only ‘yes, she SO does’ but ‘how funny!’, Right?

Apparently not right (oh and – show-off-alert – we’ve interviewed Rebecca and we’re sure she would find it funny. Well, to our non-looking-in-the-back-of-a-spoon faces. She’d probably go off and cry herself a river afterwards).

Anyhoo, the reason for the hoo ha over what is basically a bit of a rude remark is that Her Majesty’s BBC’s rather lame Mock the Week show has found itself the first victim of new BBC policies about making humiliating and offensive remarks. Well, if humiliating and offensive are off the menu, there goes our social life. Bang. Finish.

The ban on ‘derogatory remarks’ comes in the frothy wake of the Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand prank call to humourless little wanker Andrew Sachs (was that derogatory?). The Adlington remark, which was part of a rant by comedian Frankie Boyle went on… ‘When she arrived back on the flight [from Beijing] she met her boyfriend. Did you see her boyfriend? He was really attractive. He was like a male model. So from that I have deduced that Rebecca Adlington is very dirty.’ Which, sorry, is funny.

Apparently, seventy-five viewers (out of several hundred thousand) got frothy at the fanny over the remark and phoned in to state, no doubt in the strongest possible terms, that this kind of thing was unacceptable and that the country’s gone to the dogs and other headlines from The Daily Cunt.

We would like to underline the title of the TV programme in question to those readers. It’s called Mock the Week. That word ‘mock’, what do you think it means, in a sentence containing no more than ten words?


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  1. Male model? For C&A perhaps. Frankie should be applauded for not implying the boyfriends a gayer:

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