Oh, look! It’s a superstar lez-in!

Would you pass me that bag. My strap-on's in it

In this picture of the seven women in the movie, erm, 9, you’ll notice that the European contingent is keeping ve-herry much to itself, getting as far as it physically can away from Fergie who has plainly elbowed her way to the centre alongside other ‘New Worlders’ Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson.

Cowering on the sidelines are Sir Dame Judi Dench, representing Her Majesty’s United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland but Most Definitely Not Southern Ireland ‘Cause They Have Their Own Thing Going On, and Marion Cotillard (FR) up this end and Penny Cruz (SP) and Sophia Loren (IT) up that.

It’s a picture by (lesbian – not that that’s relevant in any way, shape or form so please don’t set up a Facebook page) Annie Liebowitz – who we read recently was bankrupt! Can that be true? – for American Vogue. You’ll see Sir Dame Judi has borrowed Anna Wintour’s wig: times is tough even at the toppermost top of the publishing industry. It’s all cuts, cuts, cuts and they’re down to fresh flowers just twice a day in some offices.

And it’s nice.

*powders nose, snaps compact shut, mutters ‘That’s showbiz, kids!’, leaves*

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3 comments to “Oh, look! It’s a superstar lez-in!”

  1. Penelope Cruz will be frothing at the fanny…

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  2. She is. I’ve had to get the Windolene on me screen…

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  3. Sophia working that natural look……..

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