The workie’s been at it again

But what will Danniella Westbrook's face look like?

Actually, that’s not fair. A workie would double-check their work and wet-wee themselves over a mistake, whereas the paid persons on The Daily Mail couldn’t give two hooters about checking copy before it’s read by thousands of retardeds – and us – online.

That’s right, EastEnders is launching a new online-only show called EastEnders: E20 (because adding the postcode to a programme title should really draw audiences in their millions), about a new crop of youngsters in Albert Square, set to represent the yoof of London… erm, McDonalds? Clean ‘n’ Clear? Stab vests? to mark their 25th century. Not their 25th anniversary, no. Their century. EastEnders have been broadcasting for 25 centuries. Again, The Daily Cunt are having a future moment.

So exactly what will EastEnders be like in 25 centuries time? Will Ian Beale still be in it? Will we know who the father of Heather’s baby is? (Really, does anyone give a cat’s arse?) And will the PCC still be getting complaints about the tiniest gay fiddledeedee or will they still be trawling through the Jan Moir article complaints?

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  1. It’s interesting how the Daily Cunt comment about youth audiences ‘increasingly spending their time online’ underneath a picture of a female crotch.

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