It’s the return of The Jacksons! Starring Carol Jackson!

Blame it on the boogie

Saddened though we were at the demise of Micky ‘Michael’ Jackson, we do think if push came to push harder, rather than the unrealistic 50 dates at the 02, we’d take the return to our small screens (not so small, now we’re plasma-ed up) of The Jackson Family, starring Carol, Sonia, Robbie and maybe even ‘is it a girl or a boy, with its Diana Ross-is-Mahogany hairdo’, Billy.

Yes, soap lovers. EastEnders, not content with bringing back every half glamorous woman that was ever on TV in the 80s (we await Joan Collins, setting up a shop importing delicious chocolate covered croissants from Paris), is now resurrecting our favourite ever dysfunctional famille, The Jacksons of number 54 Albert Square, downtown Walford.

*Walford market lays in extra stocks of large-size ‘oop earrings*


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One comment to “It’s the return of The Jacksons! Starring Carol Jackson!”

  1. Hooray for Carol de la Jackson, she was one of my favourites after fat Pat (who, if I didn’t know better, I would swear was based on yours truly, particularly as she’s an old whore). Not sure about Dean Gaffney being gainfully employed once more, but hey-ho.
    Soon there’ll be no-one left in that Square who hasn’t sprung from old Jim’s loins

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